Tuesday, October 23, 2012


We visited the real estate of middle earth today, which happens to be located close to Matamata NZ. 

42 single family homes located in The Shire, which is a lovely burrow surrounded by sheep on all sides. The community center includes a bridge, the mill house, and at left, the Green Dragon pub.
A close up of the mill house. 

Lake side hobbit holes, the trendiest part of town. Prices accordingly. There are only six coveted units on the water.

A yellow hobbit hole. 

Blue is also popular.

And so is red.

Bag end, of course, is green. Not currently listed, but the standard to which the town is built by.

The shire. Bag end up top.

The back side of the shire. Newly constructed as part of a movie soon to be coming out.

Hobbiton was lots of fun to visit. But I'm not sure if I'd want to live there. These homes are facades mostly. Those that you can get into are very "cozy". Only a few can actually be entered and those that can have already been lived in by sheep (and hobbits too, of course.)

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