Saturday, October 20, 2012

Triathlon Relay Team Names

Looks like next year I'll be taking part I'm the inaugural Challenge Penticton. My girlfriends S and K are doing the swim and run respectively and I'm on the hook for the run.

Forget training plans, transitions or anything else related to getting ready, the most important part of any relay triathlon is picking the team name.

So today we have been back and forth with names, tonight we're getting our mom's to vote - but until then, any suggestions? What's your favorite?

--You just got chicked...
--The Tritaniums
-Challenge Accepted
-Run Ginger Run
-Flying Red Heads
-The Trifectas
The Triceratops
... and we can cook
Team Triage
Team Challenged Chicks
Team Discovery Channel
The Tri-Sexuals
The Guild of Calamitous Intent
Go Team Venture
Sabrina's McRideOuts

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