Sunday, September 30, 2012

Writing Postcards

Hi PersonICareAbout,

We're having a great time in VacationSpotOfChoice. The weather here is really nice and the food is fabulous. Tomorrow we're going to see an OverPricedTouristAttraction, which should be fun! Miss you lots.


Ah yes, the postcard. I was educated this morning by my two sisters that sending postcards on a trip as long as ours would be a requirement. They don't want me to call or bring back gifts. All they want are occasional postcards (and pictures, but more on that later).

I was also informed that my postcard selection and writing skills were going to be judged. They did however provide some suggestions on how to score well on this test. For starters, I was to locate postcards with either interesting animals or fish on them. Any postcards with uninteresting scenery would be unlikely to score any points at all.

Further to that, I was to include an interesting and perhaps humorous story with the card. Any stereotypical text would be poor form and docked points accordingly.

Quite frankly, my writing style is particularly bland all ready and even though postcards are not normally known for there literary qualities,  I think that this will still be somewhat of a challenge for me.

Perhaps there is some kinship between the art of postcard writing and Twitter? Both require you to craft an interesting and heartfelt message in limited space? Ok, heartfelt may be a stretch when applied to twitter.

Regardless, I will take up the challenge from my sisters. If time allows, I'll also attempt to post a picture or two of any forays that I make into the world of postcard writing up onto the blog.


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