Sunday, November 18, 2012

A final post on post boxes

Today is our last day in NZ, and while we will be generally doing uninteresting stuff today (like driving, packing, cleaning, and sorting ourselves out), I have a somewhat odd post for you. Actually, I have a lot of odd posts for you, post boxes anyways.

In NZ, if you own a single family home, you also have a real mail box. The post is not delivered to your door and you don't have a mail slot on your home. Kiwi's also tend to put some personality into the boxes too. I'm not sure why I find this so interesting, but it is. (Or at least it makes acceptable blog fodder for a slow day like today.)

A typical box. Large, metal, often covered in spider webs.

The wooden box. Also enormous, hand crafted, and often nested in by birds.

The heritage box. A Mauri Marae (meeting house).

The Bach box. Vacation homes seemed to have the most crafty ones.

The Fish Box. Also popular and often found in proximity to the Bach boxes.

The Clever box. Waterproof, bird proof, thrifty and entertaining. 

The bronze pipe box. I actually don't know what this is, maybe part of a boat?

The empty slot box. If all you're going to get is junk mail and bills, why have a box at all? 

The hobbit box. Not ones to miss a truly NZ opportunity, the hobbits have real (small) post boxes too.

The bird box. Not quite a bird house, but close.

Actually a bird house and not a post box. But cute enough for a pic. 

OK, that's it for NZ. Now on to Oz! 

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