Saturday, November 24, 2012

Snorkeling Pictures

My little point and click camera is waterproof, but only up to 3 meters. Because of that it can only go out snorkeling. On our last day on the liveaboard, we decided to skip one of the dives and snorkel instead.

The camera has been pretty good so far, but it's not great underwater. (Certainly it can't be user error that so many of the photos came out blurry and super green!)

There are many wonderful photographers who have done a much better job than me (and have break equipment), but at least I can say that I actually took all of the photos below.

Spotted puffer fish

This is a wrasse (some kind) and it was huge

Finger coral

The reef

Millions of little blue fishes

Giant clam (but this ones a baby)

Giant clam, about 1.5 m long (I'm not talking about SP)

One of my favorites, a parrot fish (being cleaned)

Another favorite, the giant trevally (at left)

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