Sunday, November 11, 2012

Karikari beach

SM has always liked seashells. Little did she know that hiding on this peninsula is possibly one of the most prolific seashell beaches in NZ.

There are shells on some of the other beaches too, but Karikari has got to be the best.

SM, ready for action.
Scallops anyone?
How about the curly kind instead?
Black or white?

Even SP got in on the shell collecting action. Actually, his favorite part was the look of mortification on SMs face when he would 'accidentally' step on one of the curved scallop shells. They did produce the most satisfying popping/crunch noise. 

Beach review #3: Karikari beach
Rating 3.5/5
Best use: Shell collecting
Cool stuff: A very out of the way beach. Ocean exposure for big waves.

Pictures of the collection:

About the size of your palm.

This one didn't make the cut, broken ones are no good.

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