Monday, November 5, 2012

Beach Hop begins at The Whanga

Today we are in Whangamata, also known as The Whanga. This is a small coastal town on the Coromandel and is a stop over for us on our way to the northlands.

Pic not by E, pic by John Wilson.

The Whanga is famous for more than it's spectacular surfing beach. They also have a giant specialty car show and rock n' roll festival. They call it the Beach Hop.

Also not by E, borrowed from their facebook page.
Pic by E!

Before you get too excited, it's mostly focused on the hot rods and music from the 40's to 60's. Despite it's cool name, The Whanga is actually a sleepy retirement community, and really, I'm not sure what else the folks here do without the Beach Hop. (Actually, some frustrated guy smashed the local bank to pieces with an Axe last week. Also, I hear they have excellent female bodybuilders.)

And now, on to our own version of the beach hop. Beach review #1:

Beach: Whangamata
Rating: 3/5
Best use: Surfing
Cool stuff: Two estuaries with lots of bird watching. Hot chicks not included.

Whangamata has all of the trappings necessary in a beach town. Including a final resting place for your flip flop, should its partner get lost somewhere in the surf. 

Tomorrow we head north to the Karikari peninsula. (It's basically 12 km's past the end of the earth.)

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