Sunday, November 4, 2012

Abseiling, inner tubes and water in your face

As mentioned yesterday, we went on a tour of the Ruakui cave with the Black Water Rafting Co. Though a bit pricey, it was a lot of fun. Book ahead for the cheapest rate!

Also, there isn't actually much rafting going on. In the Black Abyss tour it's abseiling (rappelling), a flying fox (zip line) some mild inner tubing and my favorite part, climbing up two waterfalls (water in your face). As long as your reasonably adventurous, pretty much anyone can do this. 

Here we go:

SP, just hanging around waiting his turn.
Me rappelling into the cave.
SP jumping into the water on his inner tube.
SP on the slide (literally, it's a slide.)
Our tour group.
Exiting the cave via a waterfall.
I know, my hand looks really awkward.
Final group shot. 
Thanks against to our two guides Inga and Janna who really made the day.


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