Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Photos from the great barrier reef

I traded up to a rental camera for our last day of diving the great barrier reef. The photos are a bit better. Here are some of the more interesting ones (not necessarily those best, but at least they are interesting.)

A moorish idol 

Giant clam

Another clam

 Turtle! (out of 12 dives, this was the only one we saw)

This is Greg, one of the Maori Wrasse resident on the reef.

The boat's photographer gets first dibs.

They are not actually social, they just come visit because there is some free food available from the guides.

Not sure what this one is...

My best shark shot, they tend to stay far away (at least during the day)

Some shots of the coral


Fan coral

This little guy on the left was constantly in front of the camera, so close it was hard to actually get a good shot of him.

Though a a little shaky, the schools of electric blue fish are fun to film.

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