Thursday, November 8, 2012

Real Estate at the End of the Earth

Escape from it all. Buy property in the most beautiful place on earth. Advertising is always right.

Lots available now in Tokerau Beach and Whatuwhiwhi. Located at the end of the earth, it's what you've been dreaming of. 

Economic stimulus provided underground power and phone, sealed roads, and community infrastructure (in 2009). Some rainwater available. Once a speculators dream, now it can be your reality.

Building supplies are readily available. This lot comes with corrugated tin. 

Lots available at your budget. How about 50k CAD for ~1/4 acre with a view? (60k NZD, 706m)

For those looking for more adventure (and water), flood plain lots are available for as little as 30k CAD.

Native trees abound in the area. Cleared lots left select trees standing to provide mature landscaping. Purchase a lot and care for NZs natural wonders. 

Multiple offers unlikely, but multiple realtors a possibility. Trades considered.

Just think, this lifestyle could be yours - a dream home, only accessible from the beach. Stay in and get cozy as storm surge traps you inside.

Current owners frequently enjoy the lovely local wines. At least it takes the edge off the long gone market peak, 5 years ago.

The view from Google maps. (The blue/yellow spot is our holiday home for the next week or so.)

All joking aside, these are very nice holiday towns that have been primed for development. Sadly, the timing hasn't been right and the volume of inventory and vacant lots is truly staggeringly. There are other issues too. Outstanding land claims being on the list. 

Seen as we are in the area for awhile, expect beach reviews, a look at the local wildlife, and more (free) coca cola then you could drink in a lifetime.


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