Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wildlife Habitat

On our last day in Port Douglas we visited the Wildlife Habitat. This is one of the smaller (and more expensive) zoo styled attractions in the area. They focus on local animals, running a large rescue and rehabilitation center, plus they have a successful breeding program for a number of endangered animals. 

What are you looking at?

I'm blue, I know.

Daytime Owl?

Tawny Frogmouth
(Normally hiding in the crooks of trees and very well camouflaged.)

For lunch they offered a really nice buffet. Afterwards they brought around a few lorikeets to visit. Having spent the last few days staring up at trees covered in these bright little guys, it was fun to get up close.

Next up, the marsupials. The wallabies take the cake. Fluffy, inquisitive and just the right size to put in your suitcase and take home.

We bought some 'roo food' and had a blast feeding them.

The wildlife habitat also had snakes, lizards and reptiles. This little wallaby followed us up the path to the crocs, still in hope of us feeding him. It was the only time we saw the croc move.

The kangaroos were also fun. These ones were bossy though, pushing the wallabies away and demanding food. (They are also not small enough for carry on luggage, so I can't see myself adopting one anytime soon.)

Last up is the koalas, passed out after having there own lunch buffet (also cute enough for carry on baggage, but they do sleep 19 hrs a day.)

Tomorrow we're leaving Port Douglas and heading to the other side of Australia. 

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