Thursday, November 15, 2012

Matai and Waikato Bays

The beautiful twin bays of Matai and Waikato are my the last beach reviews from the very far north.

We spent two afternoons up at the bays. They are nicely sheltered and get a lot less wind than much of the peninsula.

It's a shame I'm not a better photographer, as my pics just don't do them justice. (I think you would need a serious panoramic lens for that.)

Other than being highly photogenic, it's also great for swimming, snorkeling, bird watching, hiking or finding a secluded cove to just hang out in. Also, though there are shells on the beach in some areas, for the most part it's just sand.

There is a small campground nearby, but otherwise the bays are very secluded.

Beach review #4: Matai Bay and Waikato Bay
Rating: 4/5
Best use: Anything that doesn't require a lot of surf. (Bodyboarding possible)
Cool stuff: Apparently it's the best beach-access snorkelling in the far north. There is also pinnacle diving too.

I might have given this beach a 5 if the water wasn't so cold. We went snorkeling once in full wetsuits, but I was freezing in no time. Also, when we went it wasn't low tide, so it wasn't particularly interesting. The bay empties out quite a bit at low tide, so definitely better to snorkel then. 

We've booked a couple of reef dives in the Bay of Islands a few days from now, should be interesting to see if I freeze or not!