Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Attack of the Cockatoos (Part 2)

How could you say no to a face like this? We've had the cockatoos as dinner guests every night for over a week now. This one's name is Hopeful.

Occasionally a Lorikeet pair will show up too.

Though we like to think they visit for our charming personalities, it's actually the organic sunflower seeds. 

Hopeful hangs around a lot. 

This one is Pig Pen. He's dirty, greedy and a brat. 

This is Skinny. A wimp and definitely the bottom of the totem pole. Sometimes he even surrenders tasty treats to the pigeons. What kind of bird would stoop so low? A bird that will always be skinny.

Obviously we're not the first to have fed them. At most we had six distinct birds on the deck at once. But it's hard to tell them apart, so I couldn't tell you how many we fed.

Sometimes they take off quite quickly, when you scare them. Skinny barley seemed to notice.

This is Fatty. He knows exactly where the seeds are. 

But he's impossible to resist.

We're heading home in a few days. Though the sun and the sand have been wonderful, the birds have been especially memorable. 


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