Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mandu Mandu Gorge

One of the differences between Australia and New Zealand seems to be that in NZ, nothing will hurt you, but in OZ, it's like everything is out to get you.

Termites don't bite, but ants do.

Today, which was windy and not great for snorkeling, was the perfect opportunity to put that to the test. We decided to hike a river gorge in 32'C heat, knowing that there are snakes and extra curious dingos around (and perhaps other things we just didn't know of.)

Pilbara Death Adder C/O this guy
The Mandu Mandu Gorge is a dried up riverbed and the hike follows the gorge upstream before heading up to a view point over looking the ocean below.

Despite best efforts, the only wildlife that bothered us were the flies. Up your nose, in your ears, the pesky things would even go under your sunglasses to try to get to your eyes. Even the wind didn't stop them.


The view from the top was pretty nice though.


So far, the naval base and driving the road have been the best places to spot wildlife. Yesterday we saw a 3 foot lizard, and here are the emus that visit our hotel every afternoon. We also have lots of kangaroos around too (especially at night).

A monitor crossing the two lane highway.

Wild emus.

Kangaroo outside our hotel room, more on them later.

Tomorrow we're hoping to get some snorkeling in. (For the kitesurfers in the audience, the wind hit 40 knots today).


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