Sunday, December 2, 2012


Spot the octopus.

We've now seen 5 octopi while out snorkeling (7 including the ones at Navy Pier). They are fascinating to watch and a lot of our time is spent trying to find them. I'm kinda chicken taking photos of them because I don't like getting to close, so apologies for how terrible these pics are!

Three out of five of the octopi we found were having a little discussion with some kind of fish (a cod perhaps). 

 Basically, the fish would circle around, put up it's spines and then try to slash the octopus.

In response, the octopus would put on a pretty amazing display. 

We watched this go on for 20 minutes or so. I can't decide if the fish is defending itself (or its territory) or if the fish is aggressively after the octopus. Obviously the octopus can leave whenever it wants (and generally they are predators - fairly high up the food chain.)

The next day, we saw the same dance again. Different octopus, and a different fish (same type) having a similar conversation. 

Octopi spotting was a ton of fun. Once you've spotted them, they know, and suddenly they are much easier to see. 

The camera doesn't pick up the color change very well, but this one was good at looking like sand.

SP and I are still debating what the fish and Octopus were discussing, and obviously I've been drinking too much beer.


  1. Hi Erin, Loving your blog and pictures. What a cool adventure! I have a cousin in Brisbane and she sends pictures of all the animals that venture near her as well, LOL. Hold Fast- Bonnie Ridout