Monday, December 10, 2012


While waiting in the bus terminal, I turned and asked the young woman next to me "How much does it cost to get to Manly?" Her answer, "$3.50". But don't worry, I'm not about to embark on a sex change, our next port of call is Manly Beach, a suburb of Sidney renowned for it's surfing, trendy restaurants and beautiful beaches.

Manly was given it's name after early explorers encountered the local aboriginals and described their behaviour as "quite manly".

We all know grilling is manly, but here, anything can be manly.
Whining is manly.
Dancing is manly.
Even computers are Manly (SP doesn't understand why this is funny.)
How about Manly Spandex?

In more recent days, 1902 actually, Manly made a splash when a local reporter defied Victorian era laws banning all daylight "Ocean Bathing" and went for a noontime swim. He was arrested, despite wearing an appropriate neck to knee swimming costume, and the resulting uproar caused the law to be overturned the following year.

"Sea Nymphs" sculpted in Sand.
(So happy that we are not wearing woollen bathing suits today.)

Though Manly was already popular as a seaside respite from bustling Sidney, it was the opening of the "ocean bathing" that allowed the modern beach culture that permeates Manly to be born.

I'm going to have to work on the hot-lifeguard-in-uniform pics, 
this one is sadly a bit fuzzy.

Today Manly is one of the most popular surf beaches in Australia. There is also diving, snorkeling, swimming, boating, sailing, etc.

SP and I are just settling in. We managed to book a great last minute deal on a 1 bedroom apartment (which I think is larger than our place at home) just far enough off the main drag to not be bothered by the bars and restaurants.

Manly Beach - The view from our apartment deck.
Manly Harbor - The view from the back of our apartment.

Time for a cold beer.

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