Friday, December 14, 2012

Gotye and Bertie Blackman

Being back in the big city means being able to do big city things. Today we went for a night on the town and saw Gotye, live in concert.

For those who have know idea who I'm talking about, here is a YouTube video of his most popular song.

A long time star in Australia, he's recently become popular in Canada too. (It probably helps that a Canadian band did a really exceptionally clever cover of the song - played on one guitar).

Canadian band, Walk Off The Earth

Gotye (and Bertie Blackman) put on an incredible show. His music is all over the map. On his website he calls it "experimental pop". I was wondering how he was going to bring it all together on stage. At one point he had 14 musicians plus all their gear including 2 electric organs.

The organ song.

The organ song live.

Bertie Blackman, who opened for him, was also awesome. Soulful and kinda dark, but a beautiful voice and interesting style. She also can back later in the show, dressed as a cat, to cover Kimbra's vocals. Why a cat? I have know idea.

Bertie Blackman with Gotye 
(Singing somebody that I used to know)

Bertie Blackman, Byrds of Prey

Both of us are a little thrashed this morning. I'm not sure if it's the copious amount of surfing (we've been out 3 times now) or the concert, but we're looking a little rough today.


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