Tuesday, December 18, 2012


There is something painful about watching another human being get up on a stage and embarrass themselves whole heartedly. Especially when nobody laughs. The audience cringing, the look of desperation on the comic's face.

Tuesday is the "new acts" night at The Laugh Garage in Sydney. I'm not sure what compelled us to come watch the onslaught of comedians destined for martyrdom. But there we were, drinking beer, watching 6 aspiring artists crash and burn on new material.

Picking up girls from the bar is like buying avocados, you never know how damaged they until you get home. 
 (c/o one of last nights comics ... But I think I've heard that joke before.)

And if you want a real laugh, you should see the menu prices. On Thursdays they have a deal to fill the seats. $20 for a pizza.

Since when is a $20 pizza a deal? What is this a joke? Sadly tonight isn't Thursday, I'm not even going to tell you what we paid for our pizza. OK, it was $25. Ouch. Sydney is an expensive city, and I didn't even adjust for the exchange rate.

Coronas while on Vacation in Australia.

Tomorrow's post will also be a little comical, at least, if you think outrageous real estate prices are funny.

Hopefully I should have some pics of SP and I surfing in a few days, that should also be worth a good laugh.


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