Saturday, December 22, 2012

Blue Mountains

Road trip! We rented a car for a drive into the blue mountains today, as if we hadn't had enough of driving on the wrong side of the road yet.

The mountain range is about 200 kms west of Sydney. Technically it's a plateau, not a mountain range at all. They're not terribly impressive by BC standards, but interesting in their own right.

Made of limestone and sandstone, the rolling hills reach just over 1200m high. A popular tourist stop is Echo Point in Katoomba, a lookout over the three sisters and into the valley below. Apparently the name comes from the blue hue in the air caused by oils from the eucalyptus trees.

We also went on hike, looking for wombats and platypus. Though we didn't see any platypus, we did see a bunch of wombats. Unfortunately they were all roadkill.

Below are a few pics from the lookout and from the walk.

DragonSlayer had his work cut out for him. 
The lizards were everywhere.

The death stare of a tortoise.

Cunningham's Skink. 

DragonSlayer and the Skink face off.

Panorama of the three sisters.

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