Friday, December 21, 2012

Attack of the Cockatoos

It's almost like that Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds" except instead of being stuck in a phone booth, it's our apartment. 
I fly my mohawk only when fed.

Everyday around dinner time about a half dozen cockatoos turn up on our balcony looking for dinner. 

Yummy, crust.

They are quite insistent, if unfed they will either defile any objects on your deck, or worse, enter the apartment and then help themselves to anything accessible. 

Hand over the German seed loaf, or the laundry gets it.

I can't help myself however. I've been researching what you feed urbanized cockatoos, so far the best successes is the high end sprouted loaf we bought from the fabulous German bakery downstairs (Brezel Bar - not that I suggest feeding their scrumptious treats to the birds!) Even then, some of the birds are persnickety eaters and will pick the sesame seeds out and discard the rest. 

Feeding our feathered friends.

We're still looking for organic sunflower seeds, apparently that's a favorite. Peanuts are also a favorite, but apparently they can be toxic (like dogs and chocolate) so we'll need to appease demands without the pb.

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