Saturday, December 15, 2012

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

A three week trip to Sydney wouldn't be complete without a trip to the opera house, and it didn't take very long for us to decide what to see.

Eighty classical musicians and sixty singers performing the iconic score to the world's longest running sci-fi TV show. It was a slam dunk. Bonus features include live monsters and Alex Kingston (River Song) as MC. There were also two opera singers who's voices are really out of this world.

All dressed up for the Symphony.

So was it any good? Yes, it was amazing. The BBC pours a ton of money into the production of Doctor Who. From full featured CG to creative quirky story lines, every episode is a mini movie. The music for the show is also produced by the BBC NOW orchestra and a full chorus, so it's not surprising that orchestras perform it live for the fans.

Hello Sweety!

Spot the monsters.

The fans also did not disappoint. Though many people dressed up for a night at the symphony, a few took the theme to heart.

Dalek groupies.

Amy and the Doctor.

Two days of parties have taken their toll, tomorrow is all about groceries, laundry and maybe some time at the beach.


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