Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting an Education (in Surfing)

After much contemplation, we've decided we're going to go back to school. SP and I have always been fans of continuing education. So today we signed up for surf school. Not just any school, but the Manly Surf School.

Talk about an office with a view. 
It's in the only building on the beach.

Lesson time.

I've heard that surfing is harder than it looks, I'm not necessarily into eating handfuls of sand and drinking sea water, but I hear it's part of the initiation.

How to surf.

How not to surf.

Apparently when you first start out you learn on a soft board, which is basically a stable surf board shaped piece of foam. This makes it less likely for you to either hurt yourself or someone else in the water.

Soft boards. Brightly coloured for the newbies.

After you're done, beer is required, or at least that seems to be the thing to do in Manly.

I've also been told to remember this piece of sage advise:
Give a man a surfboard, and you've distracted him for a day.
 Teach a man to surf, and you can't get him to work.

I'm sure that applies to women too. Good thing we're on vacation.


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