Thursday, December 13, 2012

Surf's up

Yesterday we signed up for surf lessons, and today we actually went surfing. Getting ready means signing your indemnity form, grabbing a wetsuit and putting on a ton of sunscreen.

The surf school.

Though wetsuits are not actually required, most folks are wearing at least a shorty. The water is about 20' C.

The surfers code of conduct is posted along the beach. None of the most important rules are actually posted though:

  • Stay away from the swimming area or not only will parents hate you but the lifeguard will fine you $150.
  • Hitting yourself or others with a surfboard, even a soft one, is bad.
  • Hitting your head on the sand and/or falling off your board head first is worse.

Though we opted for a private lesson for the first one, you are sharing the surf with lots of people anyways, so it really doesn't matter.

All the soft surfboards lined up for the lesson.

Not actually a surfboard, just art. 

A surfboard. (8ft for newbies.)

The waves are about 4 ft. Though that doesn't sound very big, it is. Both of us got bashed around a lot and basically we suck at this. But we enjoyed surfing so much, that we rented boards for the next two weeks anyways. Rough life, I know. 

A fruit snowman.


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